Screen Printing Services

Screen printing is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil. The versatility of screen printing is one of the main reasons why many of our clients turn towards this print medium. Screen printing can be applied to almost any material, and makes up a large percent of printed garment works from t-shirt designs to elaborate patterns on a variety of textiles, to printed images on promotional items such as bags and balloons.

Costs associated with screen printing are based on the size of the print, the amount of colours required, the number of positions, and the quantity of the order (minimum order is 15). The turnover (from start to finish) is approximately 2-3 weeks.

Screen Printing process:

At Brandworx, we take great pride in perfecting our printing process to ensure our clients enjoy simple and efficient operations. Our service is built with the customer in mind, so ordering will be as effortless as possible. We deliver high standards of work and offer a reliable service from start to finish, that meets our client’s needs and printing expectations.

Special considerations:

· Screen printing light colours (mainly white) onto dark colours will cause the shirt colour to show through the print. For example, printing a white print on a red shirt may cause the print to look pink. This is most noticeable on polyester fabrics.

· In some cases, a base colour of white is printed under the selected print colour to give the print a better covering.

We cannot print onto Mesh Lined jackets.

For Quilted Lined Jackets, we can do a one colour print only; however, the quilted lines may show through the print.

We cannot print onto Cotton Drill garments because of a treatment applied to the fabric which causes the print to fade once washed. Cotton Drill garments can be washed before printing to lessen the chance of this happening. The customer may wash the garments before printing if they would like.

The print size will be to suit the smallest size garment ordered. For example, if a shirt order consists of sizes extra small (XS) to extra large (XL), the print may look too small on the XL shirt. If you would like two separate print sizes, you will be quoted as two separate jobs.

Artwork design:

Create or adapt a design for screen printing, bearing in mind that bold simpler designs made up of monochrome blocks translate best to screen printing. The size of the frame onto which the design will be transferred also needs to be considered, as this is what your image will look like. Next, send us the design in a High Resolution Vector file so we can recreate and translate for printing. For a fee, we can perform minor changes in-house using compatible software, to add a phone number for example. A signed approval for artwork is required prior to printing.

How does Screen Printing work?

A screen is made of a piece of mesh stretched over and tapped/clamped onto a frame. The attached stencil forms open areas of mesh that transfer ink or other printable materials which can be pressed through the mesh as a sharp-edged image onto a garment. A squeegee is moved across the screen stencil, pushing ink into the mesh openings for transfer.

Colour application:

Each screen is “inked up” with the approved colour, and each garment is then printed in correct colour order. The flash-drying process between each individual screen ensures crisp quality and prevents colour bleeding.

Curing the screen print:

The finished product is dried at 380 degrees Fahrenheit for 25 seconds to ensure it is fully cured throughout the entire ink deposit. This process makes sure designs won’t crack, fade, peel, or wash off. Once products have undergone rigorous quality inspection, it is time for them to be delivered!

Screen Printing care instructions:

· ALWAYS wash garments inside out.

· For the first two washes, wash by hand in cold water.

· Do not use bleach.

· Use a low temperature washing program only (we recommend 30 degrees Celsius maximum).

· NEVER tumble dry garments with screen prints.

· Iron garments inside out.

Note: We do not print on Supplied Garments