Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is any clothing or equipment a worker uses for protection. It includes equipment such as goggles, ear plugs, respirators, safety harnesses, safety shoes, hard hats and sunscreen.

PPE can be useful, but it is also one of the least effective ways of controlling safety problems. It works best when used with other control measures – or when absolutely no other safety measures are available.

There are specific laws about using appropriate PPE in the workplace.

 At Brandworx we strive to ensure our staff are knowledgable in all aspects of PPE to ensure you and your employees stay safe.
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3M AsbestosDust Respirator Kit
$135.00 EACH
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3M Disposable P2 Respirator

3M Disposable P2 Respirator

Code: SR3M8210
$52.00 BOX
3M P1 Nuisance Odour Respirator
$122.00 BOX
3M P2 Particulate Filter

3M P2 Particulate Filter

Code: SR3M2125
$23.00 PAIR
3M P2P3 Particulate Filter

3M P2/ P3 Particulate Filter

Code: SR3M2135
$30.00 PAIR
3M P2P3 Particulate Filters Pair
$25.00 EACH
3M Silicon Half Mask Med

3M Silicon Half Mask Med

Code: SR3M7502
$86.50 EACH
ARC Flash Helmet with Integrated Face Shield
$660.00 EACH
Barricade Tape Yellow CAUTION 100m x 75mm
$9.50 ROLL
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